Module Overview:

Voki and Blabberize are free web tools that allow you to create speaking avatars…but why would you want to do this? To motivate and excite students, promote retention and comprehension, and to introduce technology in a fun way! In this module, you will learn how to create a Voki and a Blabber and how to embed them in your FACS classroom blog, wiki, or website. To see an example of a Voki, check out the one that is located at the top right corner of the FACS online community!

Participants will be able to:

Register for free Voki and Blabberize accounts

Create speaking avatars with Voki and Blabberize

Utilize 21st century technology in the FACS classroom


1. Voki is a Fun, Free Animated Avatar Application That's Easy to Use in the Classroom, by K. Walsh

2. Blabberize, by Nicole Cox


1. Go to and register for a FREE Voki account. Explore the following resources available on the Voki website:

Lesson Plan Database

Teacher's Forum

2. Watch the following video, "Create a Voki" (8:14).

3. Go to register for a FREE Blabberize account.

4. Watch the following Blabberize tutorial (7:02)

Ideas for Using Voki & Blabberize in the Classroom:

· Create a Blabber using different images of cooking utensils; animate utensils to explain what they are and how they work (example: blender, garlic press, cheese grater, etc.).

 · Create various Voki avatars that represent people working in different FACS careers (i.e., interior designer, nutritionist, childcare provider). Use the Vokis to introduce a new career or highlight a little known fact about a certain career.

 · Have students create a Voki or Blabber to reflect on an important concept learned during a unit covered in class. For example, students create a Voki and record the most interesting idea learned that week or the most challenging concept covered that week.

What are your ideas???


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