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Fall 2018 courses begin October 9th.

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Fall 2018 courses begin October 9th.
by Lynne Meeks - Thursday, 4 October 2018, 7:37 AM


  •  College & Career Readiness for Secondary Students PLUACLD670 email Lynne Meeks for information about this new course.  [email protected]
  • Define, Understand and Prevent Bullying in Your School  PLUACLD517
  • Creating a Positive School Climate for Learning Through Classroom Management  PLUACLD450

 Registration for fall PLU courses are open in Chalkable/STI-PD.  All courses are completely online and last 5-6 weeks. The registration fee for each course is $125.00 payable by credit card, debit card, PO, or paypal. 


2  ACLD approved PLU courses for Fall 2018

1.  Alabama Public Television has an ACLD approved PLU related to bullying which we will offer during National Bullying Prevention Month in October

PD Title Name: PLUASIL 4 ACLD, Alabama Public Television (APT), Define, Understand and Prevent Bullying in Your School

PD Title Number: PLUACLD517


In recent surveys, school leaders indicated that there is a need for professional study opportunities focused on bullying and establishing school prevention programs. With statistics showing that 17% of U.S. students report having been bullied at school and 85% reporting that there was no intervention, the time for schools to take action is now.
The purpose of this professional study is to introduce school leaders to available online resources that will help define bullying, identify types of bullying, typical roles of bullies, and help identify potential victims. The course will begin by exploring Alabama's Jamari Terrell Williams Student Bullying Prevention Act and the Jamari Terrell Williams Foundation website. Leaders will explore additional websites, read articles, watch video segments, and discuss ideas related to bullying prevention with fellow educators in online forums. A facilitator will be available to guide the weekly sessions and monitor the forums. Participants will read and view information from educators who have successfully implemented anti-bullying programs in their schools. A variety of resources will be read and reviewed so that participants may gather the best information and choose from the best bullying programs to begin planning with others to implement their own anti-bullying program.
This online course will begin October 9th and run five consecutive weeks and will be available online 24/7 during those 5 weeks. There are required weekly sessions with deadlines for completing assignments.  This study will earn 1 PLU for Standard 4 Diversity.

2.  PD Title Name:  PLUASIL 1 ACLD, Alabama Public Television (APT), Creating a Positive School Climate for Learning through Classroom Management

PD Title Number: PLUACLD450


School administrators learn theories and philosophies about classroom management but seldom learn practical methods for guiding effective management. Classroom management involves a positive classroom environment, setting appropriate standards of behavior for students, student engagement, and effective management of routines and transitions. This professional study presents a practical guide for those with leadership certification helping them identify teachers with strong management skills and to lead all teachers in creating effective skills to manage positive and productive classrooms. Research articles, activities, discussion forums, and digital resources provide opportunities for participants to examine management skills and techniques that promote a positive school and classroom climate. APT conducted a professional development needs survey among the state's principals; classroom management ranked as the number one PD request. 
Goals:Completion of this course will enable participants to: 
1)understand how classroom management relates to effective classroom instruction 
2)learn how effective teachers establish, manage, and maintain learning-focused environments practice developing rules and procedures for maintaining effective classroom management 
3)learn how to analyze classroom environments throughout the school and make decisions to enhance social relationships, student motivation, and engagement in productive work through mutual respect, cooperation, and support for one another.

The registration fee is $125.00 payable by credit card, paypal accounts, or with a school PO.  You will be sent payment instructions by the course facilitator in early October.  No payment is due at the time of registration.  (If you want to pay with a PO, please register in Chalkable and you'll receive a request for payment; at that time, you will send a PO#.)

Registration for the course is now open in Chalkable.   Please make sure your email address is correct in Chalkable, since this is now we will send you information about the course.


How to Enroll in Chalkable

Search by PD Title # 

Once the title of the course appears, click the word LIST in the box to locate the October 9, 2018 session.  (If the session does not appear when you click LIST and you are using Chrome as your browser, switch to another browser, and when you click LIST the October 9th session will appear.)

Find the Enroll Now button and click to enroll in the course.  Do not click Submit a Session request—that is not enrolling in the course.






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