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Spring ACLD approved PLU courses begin April 8, 2019-- Register Now in Chalkable

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Spring ACLD approved PLU courses begin April 8, 2019-- Register Now in Chalkable
by Lynne Meeks - Tuesday, 12 March 2019, 8:59 AM

 New Spring PLU courses

ACLD approved PLU courses from APT’s IQ Learn Online.  All courses earn participants one ACLD approved PLU.  Courses run 5-6 weeks completely online and the PLU is awarded at the completion of the course—No Follow up.

Each course is $125.00. After you register in Chalkable (STI-PD) a facilitator will contact you with information on how to pay for the course/courses. 

Visit Chalkable   and search for the course by the PD Title Number highlighted below.  Make sure your email address is correct in Chalkable.  This is the email we will use to communicate with you.


Spring 2019  (Courses start April 8, 2019)

Leading Schools in Challenging and Uncertain Times    PLUACLD611

Instructor Lynne Meeks   Standard 7    School leaders face unprecedented and unpredictable challenges [1]. Knowing how to act and react is difficult but there are actions that will help school leaders and their schools survive, even succeed and thrive, during uncertain times when direction and vision from traditional sources is lacking. Those actions are investigated in this professional study. In an educational age of near-constant policy and philosophical changes, and transformation and innovation demands, and community expectations coupled with rapid changes in leadership at all levels, there is little opportunity for administrators to slow down, pause, personally and professionally re-charge, and focus on what’s most important. In challenging, uncertain times, there may be a tendency to try to manage the chaos by trying to respond more quickly, more adeptly, and more efficiently. By contrast, when faced with uncertainty, rather than managing and utilizing control effective leaders focus on who and what is most important and work to inspire others toward leading forward-looking ventures.  The purpose of this professional is to help school leaders identify and replicate actions and mindsets of steady leadership that builds capacity and draws upon sources of motivation and encouragement to move the organization forward, especially in uncertain and challenging times.

Using Digital Resources and Technology to Support and Enhance Your District or School's Curriculum   PLUACLD451

Instructor  Kathy Heiman   Standard 6     This professional study will allow school leaders to explore the many digital resources available from Alabama Public Television that support and enhance all areas of the curriculum. Resources for Alabama state Course of Study standards, the Common Core, and 21st Century learning skills will be demonstrated, and participants will have hands-on opportunities to search a variety of digital material appropriate for their schools' grade levels and subject areas. Completion of this study will allow participants to become competent users of digital resources and will provide them opportunities to integrate these resources into plans for using technology within the instructional program. A thorough knowledge of the databases and resources provided by APT will allow participants to guide other educators in their successful use across the curriculum. Information will be provided on how instructional leaders can share these resources with fellow educators and empower them to use technology to enrich learning for all students. The introductory meeting of this course will take place online or in a face-to-face meeting. Prior to the meeting, participants will be asked to complete a pre-survey assessing their needs for digital resources and familiarity with resources available from Alabama Public Television. Participants will complete a plan of action for sharing the available resources with their district and school educators, parents, and community partners. Plans will include how using the resources will support state and common core standard instruction, and provide for the diversity of learners within the school population.


Late Spring 2019  (Courses start  May 13, 2019 and will be complete by June 23rd)

Book Study/Collaboration--Kids Deserve It    PLUACLD550

Instructor Kathy Heiman  Standard 1  Prerequisite for the course:  A copy of the book Kids Deserve It: Pushing Boundaries and Challenging Conventional Thinking by Todd Nesloney and Adam Welcome.  The book is available both in hardback and digital formats.

During this professional book study participants will read, discuss, and complete activities related to Kids Deserve It: Pushing Boundaries and Challenging Conventional Thinking by Todd Nesloney and Adam Welcome. 
According to educational expert Jim Maggin, "One of our most successful initiatives is the use of Book Talk as a method of professional development," Maginn told Education World, a publication that aims to connect educators to what works. "This is a very inexpensive, enjoyable, and effective form of professional development used to introduce the staff to a particular topic or issue." (See EducationWorld Using the book study format, this course will engage educational leaders in considering many questions such as the following from Kids Deserve It authors: 
"What if learning was exciting? What if students felt important and empowered every time they walked into the building? What if parents looked forward to calls from their children’s teachers and principals, instead of cringing when the school’s number popped up on their phones?"
Each participant in the course will secure a copy of the book and be required to read assigned chapters weekly.  Participants will be provided with an online journal in which they will note insights from each chapter, personal reflections relative to the themes of the chapters, and implications for student learning and engagement noted from the text that they can use in their own schools.

Using Growth Mindset to Lead and Improve Schools   PLUACLD552A

Instructor Lynne Meeks  Standard 2    The purpose of this professional study is to help school leaders recognize critical psychological factors of learning and effectively apply growth mindset strategies to improve teaching and learning success. School improvement efforts typically focus on curriculum and pedagogy yet overlook critical psychological factors of learning (Dweck, Walton & Cohen, 2014). Students’ beliefs about their personal capacity, feelings about themselves and their school experience, and their habits of self-control have a profound effect on academic success. Encouraging continual growth that is achieved through mental frameworks, i.e., mindsets (also called non-cognitive or non-IQ skills) of optimism, personal effort, tenacity, and resilience (grit) can boost learning in ways that curriculum and pedagogical approaches alone cannot produce. Improving mindsets and subsequently improving student performance holds promise as a strategy for improving schools.


How to Enroll in Chalkable:

Search by PD Title # 

Once the title of the course appears, click the word LIST in the box to locate the January 28th session.  (If the session does not appear when you click LIST and you are using Chrome as your browser, switch to another browser, and when you click LIST the January 28th session will appear.)

Find the Enroll Now button and click to enroll in the course.  Do not click Submit a Session request—that is not the same as enrolling in the course.








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