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WELCOME to IQLearnonline!

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WELCOME to IQLearnonline!
by Lynne Meeks - Monday, 2 April 2018, 10:23 AM

Welcome to IQLearnonline at Alabama Public Television!

ACLD approved PLU courses for Spring 2018 

These 3 ACLD approved PLU courses from APT’s IQ Learn Online will begin Monday, April 9, 2018.  Each course is $125.00 and is completely online for 5-6 weeks.  Register is open now in Chalkable/STI-PD.  Search by PD Title # highlighted below.

A facilitator will contact you with payment instructions the first of April.


PLUACLD551 PLUASIL 2 ACLD, Alabama Public Television (APT), Education Trends: Using Flipped Instruction to Differentiate Student Learning PD title # PLUACLD551

It is important that school leaders stay abreast of the newest trends in education and to gain the necessary knowledge to inform and assist fellow educators choosing to implement new methods of instruction to benefit learning for all students.  In this professional study, school leaders will be introduced to the flipped classroom approach to instruction and how this method of instruction can differentiate student learning.  According to the Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt University, " “flipping the classroom” means that students gain first exposure to new material outside of class, usually via reading or lecture videos, and then use class time to do the harder work of assimilating that knowledge, perhaps through problem-solving, discussion, or debates."  During this 5 week online professional study, participants will complete readings, watch videos, and explore internet sites, including the Khan Academy, to familiarize themselves with the pros and cons of the flipped instruction model and to discover the resources available to assist in flipping the classroom. Examples of successful flipped classrooms will be explored, and participants will read articles and view videos from educators considered experts in the flipped model of instruction.

Participants will discuss flipping instruction in online forums during each session of the course. A trained online facilitator will monitor the discussion forums and weekly participation.

This PLU addresses Leadership Standard 2.


PLUACLD611 PLUASIL 7 ACLD, Alabama Public Television (APT), Leading Schools in Challenging and Uncertain Times PD title # PLUACLD611

School leaders face unprecedented and unpredictable challenges [1]. Knowing how to act and react is difficult but there are actions that will help school leaders and their schools survive, even succeed and thrive, during uncertain times when direction and vision from traditional sources is lacking. Those actions are investigated in this professional study. In an educational age of near-constant policy and philosophical changes, and transformation and innovation demands, and community expectations coupled with rapid changes in leadership at all levels, there is little opportunity for administrators to slow down, pause, personally and professionally re-charge, and focus on what’s most important. In challenging, uncertain times, there may be a tendency to try to manage the chaos by trying to respond more quickly, more adeptly, and more efficiently. By contrast, when faced with uncertainty, rather than managing and utilizing control effective leaders focus on who and what is most important and work to inspire others toward leading forward-looking ventures.  The purpose of this professional is to help school leaders identify and replicate actions and mindsets of steady leadership that builds capacity and draws upon sources of motivation and encouragement to move the organization forward, especially in uncertain and challenging times.

This PLU addresses Leadership Standard 7.



PLUACLD397 PLUASIL 2 ACLD, Alabama Public Television (APT), The Maker Movement: Leading & Developing a Culture of College and Career Readiness Through Hands-on Learning  PD Title # PLUACLD397

The Maker movement combines academic skills, artistry, technology and hands-on learning. Today, learning institutions are beginning to embrace the Maker movement and are providing children with makerspaces that deliver a platform for making things and learning through hands-on design. Makerspaces are appearing in schools in unused storage spaces, classrooms or libraries with resources such as: electronics, metalwork, woodwork, robotics and arts and crafts that children can use. The idea of these makerspaces is to allow the student to discover, invent and understand through making. Making is intended to engage students and teach them design thinking and practical skills that are important in today’s technological age. The Maker movement does not intend to replace the traditional educational format, rather it hopes to coexist and enhance core subject content with real world problem solving and creative collaboration.  Educational makerspaces and maker education have the potential to revolutionize the way we approach teaching and learning.  In this professional study, participants will explore the Maker movement in education.  Through weekly readings and activities, participants will define what the movement is and discover how schools are embracing this movement.  Ideas for creating a makerspace and examples of makerspaces in schools will be reviewed and discussed.  Participants will discuss the Maker movement and makerspaces as they relate to education in online forums during each session of the course. A trained online facilitator will monitor the discussion forums and weekly participation. 

This PLU addresses Leadership Standard 2.






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