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Earn your ACLD-approved PLUs conveniently, effectively!

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Earn your ACLD-approved PLUs conveniently, effectively!
by Lynne Meeks - Wednesday, 26 April 2017, 3:39 PM


Earn PLU's from APT: No follow-ups, All Online

Check back often for information.

Register for courses by logging into to your Chalkable account (formerly called STI PD); search by the PLU number of the course for which you wish to register. (See highlighted PLU number above.)  A facilitator will contact you with payment instructions. 

 Registration fee is $125 per course.  Courses are entirely online, and the course is complete & the PLU is earned within 6 weeks.

 Courses are offered on a rotational basis in fall (Oct.), winter (Jan.), spring (Mar./Apr.) and summer (June). Special sessions are sometimes offered. Check here often for updates and announcements! 


ACLD approved PLU courses from APT’s IQ Learn Online.  All courses earn participants one ACLD approved PLU.  Courses run 5-6 weeks and the PLU is awarded at the completion of the course—No Follow up.

Each course is $125.00. After you register in Chalkable (STI-PD) a facilitator will contact you with information on how to pay for the course/courses.  There is a maximum of 230 participants per class, so register now.

Visit Chalkable   and search for the course by the PD Title Number highlighted below. 

 Now Open for Registration

Late Spring 2017(Courses start May 15, 2017)

ACCRS Implementation: Leading, Interpreting, and Growing a Culture and Shared Vision of College and Career Readiness for All Students PD Title Number PLUACLD316

To accomplish important goals such as ACCRS implementation school leaders must be able to adequately interpret, clarify, promote and sustain a commonly-held vision among students, faculty, staff, parents and community members. The purpose of this professional study is to assist school leaders in cultivating such a shared vision, mission, in particular, a culture of high expectations for college and career-readiness. By examining current efforts, gathering and using school data, identifying and sharing organizational development resources, collaborative planning, and developing skills in using communications tools, participants will design and communicate a plan that, when implemented, will produce a community working together towards college and/or career readiness for all students.  


Using Digital Resources and Technology to Support and Enhance Your District or School's Curriculum  PD Title Number PLUACLD451

This professional study will allow school leaders to explore the many digital resources available from Alabama Public Television that support and enhance all areas of the curriculum. Resources for Alabama state Course of Study standards, the College and Career Readiness standards, and 21st Century learning skills will be demonstrated, and participants will have hands-on opportunities to search a variety of digital material appropriate for their schools' grade levels and subject areas. Completion of this study will allow participants to become competent users of digital resources and will provide them opportunities to integrate these resources into plans for using technology within the instructional program. A thorough knowledge of the databases and resources provided by APT/PBS will allow participants to guide other educators in their successful use across the curriculum. Information will be provided on how instructional leaders can share these resources with fellow educators and empower them to use technology to enrich learning for all students.


Creating a Positive School Climate for Learning through Classroom Management PD Title Number PLUACLD450

School administrators learn theories and philosophies about classroom management but seldom learn practical methods for guiding effective management. Classroom management involves a positive classroom environment, setting appropriate standards of behavior for students, student engagement, and effective management of routines and transitions. This professional study presents a practical guide for those with leadership certification helping them identify teachers with strong management skills and to lead all teachers in creating effective skills to manage positive and productive classrooms. Research articles, activities, discussion forums, and digital resources provide opportunities for participants to examine management skills and techniques that promote a positive school and classroom climate. APT conducted a professional development needs survey among the state's principals; classroom management ranked as the number one PD request.