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 Educators continually look for the keys to unlocking within their students the values, attributes, skills and talents that lead to success. Growth mindset is a contemporary term that captures how attitudes, expectations, and personal attributes of tenacity, positive outlook and effort despite shortcomings and failures can be a pathway to academic and personal success.  

During this professional study participants will explore mindset and learn how psychological factors of learning, specifically, an optimistic mindset that continual learning growth can be achieved through personal effort, tenacity, and resilience (“grit”) can boost learning in ways that curriculum and pedagogical reforms alone cannot produce. Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D., is the leader in the growth mindset movement. Her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success and her essays that outline growth mindset will be heavily referenced during this course. 

This is an ALDC-approved PLU study aligned with Standard 2 of the ILPSA standards. 

During this online book study and collaboration, educators will read the book, Kids Deserve It: Pushing Boundaries and Challenging Conventional Thinking.  There will be activities to engage educators as we read each chapter and share ideas about related themes.  Twitter will be utilized to hold book chats on a scheduled basis throughout the study.