In this professional study, school leaders will gather information; identify, assess and share resources; and use various strategies - including the use of social media - to build and cultivate a shared vision of college- and/or career-readiness for all students. Each participant will collaborate with staff, faculty and others to create a unique plan for establishing a school and community culture where every student is expected to graduate from high school college- and/or career-read. 

Participants investigate strategies, methods and resources for effective classroom management. The course culminates in the completion of a comprehensive plan to share resources for creating a positive school climate as a result of well-managed classrooms. 

In this professional study, school leaders will explore the many digital resources available from Alabama Public Television that support and enhance the curriculum. Resources that align with the Alabama State Courses of Study standards, the Alabama College and Career Readiness Standards (Common Core), and 21st Century learning skills will be demonstrated and participants will have hands-on opportunities to identify and review a variety of digital content appropriate for their schools' grade levels and subject areas. Participants will become competent users of digital resources and will demonstrate the ability to integrate resources into plans for using technology within the instructional program. A thorough knowledge of the databases and resources provided by APT will allow participants to guide other educators in their successful use across the curriculum. Information will be provided so that instructional leaders can share these resources with fellow educators and empower teachers to use technology to enrich learning for all students.