Participants in this course will investigate the imperative for preparing students to leave school ready for work or college. Each participant will learn about the uniqueness of their workforce region as they explore the jobs, training, and resources that are available for students and their families in their area. They will learn about career coaching resources and share those with classroom teachers, counselors, job coaches and students. Participants will use leadership skills as they lead a collaborative team effort to produce an initial plan for replicating the community deliberations and sharing information learned during this professional study across their communities, their school districts and/or in their workforce regions. 

In recent surveys, school leaders indicated that there is a need for professional study opportunities focused on bullying and establishing school prevention programs. With statistics showing that 17% of U.S. students report having been bullied at school and 85% reporting that there was no intervention, the time for schools to take action is now.
The purpose of this professional study is to introduce school leaders to available online resources that will help define bullying, identify types of bullying, typical roles of bullies, and help identify potential victims. The course will begin by exploring Alabama's anti-harassment laws and Anti-Bullying website. Leaders will explore additional websites, read articles, watch video segments, participate in webinars, and discuss ideas with fellow educators in online forums. A facilitator will be available to guide the weekly sessions and monitor the forums.

Participants investigate strategies, methods and resources for effective classroom management. The course culminates in the completion of a comprehensive plan to share resources for creating a positive school climate as a result of well-managed classrooms. 

This course focuses on Alabama Bicentennial resources. Participants investigate digital resources and become familiar with technology tools that can be used to share information and enhance instruction. As participants investigate the array of resources, they will collaboratively plan activities, events and celebrations of the Alabama Bicentennial that represents the uniqueness of their respective towns, cities and counties.