Courses that began in January 2018

This course focuses on Alabama Bicentennial resources. Participants investigate digital resources and become familiar with technology tools that can be used to share information and enhance instruction. As participants investigate the array of resources, they will collaboratively plan activities, events and celebrations of the Alabama Bicentennial that represents the uniqueness of their respective towns, cities and counties.  

This course is intended to refresh school administrators’ knowledge about Alabama’s ethics laws and standards of professional conduct among the teaching profession. In this study, participants are guided through a review and consideration of professional conduct that complies with Alabama ethics laws; performing job duties thoroughly to high standards; and personal conduct that repudiates any potential for false claims. Substantial portions of this professional study are adapted, with permission and guidance from Mark Boardman, Esq., from the law firm of Boardman, Carr, Bennett, Watkins, Hill & Gamble, P.C., from training offered iface-to-face workshops for Alabama school administrators. Additional resources that enhance collaborative learning have been added. 

The library has traditionally served as the school's center for literacy and research but recent studies show that the library also plays a critical role in the development of future-ready learning skills that are essential for college and career-readiness. In this course, participants will investigate new and emerging trends in future-ready teaching and learning – specifically, a growing need for technology-rich, learning commons spaces where collaboration, personalized and entrepreneurial learning, and research can occur - and create a plan for library transformation to meet 21st Century learning needs.