Courses designed for Early Childhood professionals.

This course is designed to provide early child care education professionals with an overview of essential information for best practices in the early child care setting.  Our 6 week course includes practical guidelines for providing a high quality, safe and nurturing environment while promoting the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of young children.  Upon completion course participants will receive a certificate for 15 training hours.   

Explore the arts in grades PreK-2, particularly as they relate to brain development, creative activities, early learning and overall development. Session topics include visual arts, music, dance, and literature/drama.

One of the most important tasks for children in the first five years of life is the development of language. Children enter early care settings with vast differences in vocabulary and oral language development, and early educators can meet this challenge by providing language-rich learning environments. This workshop will provide early childhood educators with an understanding of young children's oral language development and appropriate approaches for promoting language and emergent literacy in their classrooms. This workshop will focus on effective methods for developing children’s vocabulary knowledge through book reading and discussions, and advancing children’s language through extended conversations. Additionally, participants will learn to create opportunities for rich discourse and build children’s background knowledge. Workshops assignments will invite participants to apply relevant content and plan meaningful, language-rich curricular activities.

Book reading in the early childhood classroom is not only one of the most important practices for building later reading success, but it is probably one of the more enjoyable experiences for both teachers and children. In this workshop early childhood educators will explore quality children’s literature and best book reading practices. Participants will learn ways to share various genres of books in the classroom. They will learn the importance of multiple re-readings and strategies to foster children’s vocabulary knowledge, print concepts, phonological awareness, and reading comprehension during large and small group readings. Workshop assignments will invite participants to research quality children’s literature and develop book reading planners with specific goals for children’s learning.

This six-week online course is designed to equip early childhood teachers and caregivers, elementary physical education instructors, and school nurses with the skills and knowledge necessary to implement components of a healthy lifestyle in the classroom or any school or childcare setting. In this course participants will engage in a variety of activities and readings that focus on good nutrition/exercise, dental health, emotional health, healthy habits, food allergies, and childhood illness such as asthma. The readings and activities in this course will focus on the “Hooray for Health” curriculum that uses the PBS series Arthur and his friends to teach good health habits. The course will also include resources from the “Let’s Move” program. Each session in the course will increase health awareness and encourage educators to promote positive health habits in the lives of young children.